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Montreal man who used Net to lure girls gets parole

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Source: Montreal Gazette

A Montrealer serving a seven-year prison term for tricking two girls into performing sex acts for him over the Internet has been granted full parole with a series of conditions, including that he tell new girlfriends about his crimes.

Joshua Innes, 27, was living in St. Laurent when he was arrested for child luring and extortion in 2007. His crimes involved two girls from Alberta, ages 13 and 14. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced in an Edmonton court that year.

He has served his sentence in Quebec and was recently granted full parole by the National Parole Board.

He was eligible for an accelerated parole review, or early parole, because his crimes are not considered violent, according to parole board criteria.

But the judge who sentenced Innes said the case was “characterized by such aggravating factors that the level of abuse invokes a sentence approaching that imposed for a major sexual assault.”

When Innes was granted day parole last year, Steve Sullivan, the federal ombudsman for victims of crime, criticized the accelerated parole provisions for being outdated.

On Monday, Sullivan noted parts of Bill C43, introduced in June, would classify Internet luring and child pornography among the most serious offences in the Criminal Code.

Corey Martell, a former Alberta lawyer and a member of Beyond Borders, said the child-advocacy group is disappointed in the decision.
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